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Mak Thorpe
Danny, when you get it finalized, to aid in the domino effect of persuading
local repositories iit would be real nice if you contacted someone big like
NPR or other media outlets for doing a story on it.  If local repositories
understand that established, significant collections such as LOC are doing
this, it really removes a lot of skepticism, and provides formidable ass
protection for bureaucrats whose sole job function appears to be job
preservation.  I have talked to one fellow at auch a collection and he
thinks the idea is great, but is hesitant about how the conservative
curators and board members would feel about such new fangled concepts.

I resolved to do it guerrila style but going through the front door would be
a lot more efficient and beneficial for all concerned.


daniwo59 at daniwo59 at
Thu Jul 13 19:48:58 UTC 2006

That said, I still think we should wait until this is formalized.
as  Sabine pointed out, to begin looking at other repositories as well.


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