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setting properties from a query with multiple results

Hi, maybe somebody can help me in this:

I've a wiki with:
* Book pages
* Character pages (that appears in the novels)
* Academic Year pages (the academic year in witch the students read a

When the students create a book page they put the Academic Year and the
template put this parameter in a property "Course".
But not when they create a Character page.

What I want is to take the Course property in the Academic Year page
templates doing a query that ask to its book page.
Like this:

{{#set:Course={{#show:{{{Character from the book}}}|
mainlabel=-|?Course}} }}

('Character from the book' is a parameter that has the title of the
novel that is a book page in the wiki)

This is ok when the book is used only in one academic year.
But if is used in two or more academic years it fails.
The property Course is filled with "2011,2012" instead of "2011" and
"2012" separately.

I've tried with

{{#set:Course={{#ask:[[{{{Character from the book}}}]]|
mainlabel=-|?Course|format=list|headers=hide}} }}

but it give a improper value for the property.

Course is a page type property.

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