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soweego 1.0 release

Marco Fossati-2
[Please disregard this message if you have already read it in the
Wikidata mailing list, and apologies for the distraction]

Hi everyone,

TL;DR: soweego version 1 is out!
Like it? Star it!

The soweego team is delighted to announce the release of *version 1* [1]!
If you like it, why don't you click on the Star button?

*soweego* links Wikidata to large catalogs through machine learning.
It partners with Mix'n'match [2], which mainly deals with small catalogs.

The soweego bot [3] is currently uploading *255 k confident* links to
Wikidata: see it in action [4]!
*126 k* medium-confident* links are instead getting into Mix'n'match for
curation: see the current catalogs [5-13].

The soweego team has also worked hard to address the following community
1. sync Wikidata to external catalogs & check them to spot
inconsistencies in Wikidata;
2. import new catalogs with reasonable effort.

Thinking of the best way to contribute? Try to *import a new catalog* [14].




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