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soweego: link Wikidata to large catalogs

Marco Fossati-2
[You can safely skip this message if you have already seen it in the
Wikidata mailing list, and pardon for the spam]

Dear all,

TL;DR: soweego version 1 will be released soon. In the meanwhile, why
don't you consider endorsing the next steps?

This is a pre-release notification for early feedback.

Does the name *soweego* ring you a bell?
It is a machine learning-based pipeline that links Wikidata to large
catalogs [1].
It is a close friend of Mix'n'match [2], which mainly caters for small

The first version is almost done, and will start uploading results soon.
Confident links are going to feed Wikidata via a bot [3], while others
will get into Mix'n'match for curation.

The next short-term steps are detailed in a rapid grant proposal [4],
and I would be really grateful if you could consider an endorsement there.

The soweego team has also tried its best to address the following
community requests:
1. plan a sync mechanism between Wikidata and large catalogs / implement
checks against external catalogs to find mismatches in Wikidata;
2. enable users to add links to new catalogs in a reasonable time.

So, here is the most valuable contribution you can give to the project
right now: understand how to *import a new catalog* [5].

Can't wait for your reactions.


[3] see past contributions:

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