stat1005 back in the pool of Analytics client hosts

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stat1005 back in the pool of Analytics client hosts

Luca Toscano
Hi everybody,

stat1005 was replaced almost a year ago by stat1007 to allow GPU research
and testing ( After a
long journey we are happy to add stat1005 back in the pool of available
Analytics client hosts. I have updated the documentation in:

The host is now an Hadoop client like stat1004, and also offers an AMD GPU ( For
the moment we are limiting the access to the GPU to people that explicitly
need it, since it is still a testing environment and we'd like to give some
priority to people that already have projects relying on it. The end goal
is to give access to the GPU by default to everybody, so stay tuned. If you
wish to participate to the testing efforts, please reach out to the
Analytics team! (

Last but not the least - stat1005 is running Debian 10 (Buster), and
openjdk-8 instead of the ones shipped by Debian (openjdk-11) since the
Hadoop cluster is not ready to migrate yet. Everything seem running fine
from our tests, but please report to us anything that looks strange.

Thanks in advance!

Luca (on behalf of the Analytics team)
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