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Re: Loss of a Wikipedia portal... Portal: Goa 1 reply Wikipedia General
Loss of a Wikipedia portal... Portal: Goa 3 replies Wikipedia General
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List of Libraries... 3 replies Wikipedia General
When the tech giant helps Wikipedia, it’s also helping itself. 0 replies Wikipedia General
Wikipedia, Venezuela... 0 replies Wikipedia General
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[Wikimedia-l] An invite from the Goa Wikipedia Group 0 replies WikiMedia Foundation
[Wikimedia-l] Please help to build the Konkani wikipedia: Thanks to Isidore Dantas in Pune for this page... (translated from English) 0 replies WikiMedia Foundation
Re: [Wikimedia-l] Portuguese Wikipedia has reached 1 Million articles created 0 replies WikiMedia Foundation
[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Appropriation of the Wikimedia Blog by the WMF 17 replies WikiMedia Foundation
[Wikimedia-l] P. Sainath's comments on the Wikipedia 0 replies WikiMedia Foundation
Re: [Wikimedia-l] Lower page views 0 replies WikiMedia Foundation
[Wikimedia-l] Why Wait? Wikipedia and Google Accidentally Declare Putin the Winner of March 2018 Presidential Elections 0 replies WikiMedia Foundation
Re: [Wikimedia-l] Anyone else want the job of wikimediaau-l list admin? 1 reply WikiMedia Foundation
Re: Mod/admin needed 1 reply Wikipedia General
Query about changes on the Wikipedia 2 replies Wikipedia General
Short takes from Bengaluru :: TTT17 0 replies Wikipedia General
Re: Losing the 'talk' discussion on a page.... 1 reply Wikipedia General