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phoebe ayers
Hi all,
this is just a reminder that almost all presentations now have abstracts up at All of
these abstracts have a discussion page, as well... please use it to
list comments or questions you have about specific presentations
before the conference begins. Presenters will use comments on these
pages to help shape their presentations, and having a list of
questions beforehand will be useful in q&a. Let's get the discussions

There are a couple of special requests for questions beforehand:

1) the panelists on the reference work publishing panel (two
encyclopedists and a dictionary editor, from Berkshire, World Book,
and Oxford Dictionaries) would like to know what specific questions
you have about their work as editors of these reference works.
The abstract is here:; please add
comments to the talk page.

2) Larry Lessig and Eben Moglen will be presenting; Lessig on free
culture and Moglen on GFDL updates and more. We are hoping that in the
second hour they will be able to take questions on free licenses.
Please add questions to the talk page here:

3) Finally, we are very pleased to announce that Ward Cunningham will
be giving an on-stage interview on Friday. Please leave questions for
this session on the talk page here:

thank you,

- phoebe s. ayers / [hidden email]
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