wyjazd na paraolimpiadę do Soczi dla wikireportera

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wyjazd na paraolimpiadę do Soczi dla wikireportera

Tomasz Ganicz

Ktoś może zainteresowany? Jeśli tak, to proszę szybki mail na priv, to
podam namiary:


Ktoś może się pisze, jeśli tak - to szybko napiszcie na priv. to podam namiary:



I have 5 media accreditation passes for the Sochi Paralympic Games. 3
Ukrainians and myself will be going. I would like a Polish Wikinews

The reporter will be based at the Main Press Centre in Sochi for the
duration of the Games.  They can attend press conferences, interview people
at the press center, write human interest stories, help process pictures
for photographers, translate articles from one language to another, promote
the Wikimedia movement to reporters and IPC officials at the main press

The deadline is basically two days from now.  If some one from Polish
Wikinews can be found who would like to go to the Paralympic Games, I need
the following: A scan of their passport, a passport photograph, their home
and mobile phone numbers, their home address, if they have been a citizen
of a country other than what is on their passport, any previous names they
have had.  These details are intrusive, but they are being used to apply
for a journalist visa to go to Russia and get the media accreditation under
the person's name.

We can work with the Ukrainians to request funding for the Pole from GAC as
part of these efforts.  Materials would need to be translated from English
to Polish to support this on Wikipedia.

I am happy to answer any questions.  On IRC, I am LauraHale or
purplepopple.  I am purplepopple on skype.  I can also be reached via

Laura Hale"

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz

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